TOTES KINO. Jeans Team

MUSIC VIDEO /// Direction, script, edition and art direction

2010. Berlin. Direction, script, production and art direction for the music video ‘Totes Kino’ by the German music band Jeans Team.
This video is the result of the prolific collaboration between MDBuró and the German electronic music label Alkomerz. The video was shot in Stattbad, an old 50’s pool facilities transformed into a contemporary culture centre. The setting reproduces an early 1900s bistro where two lovers are ready to enjoy the magic of a cinema which “is already dead…”

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Jeans Team “TOTES KINO” Music Video


Directed by Jose Salas at Machines Désirantes Buró
Written by Jose Salas and Jeans Team
Director of Photography, Daniel Kai (
Post Porduction by Rafa Calleja at The Touch (
Make-Up and Hair by Elena Rodriguez Castaño for DNI Make-up
Graphic Design by Velacoracho (


Feat. Cala as “Madame” and Nada as “Herr Ober” in their own costumes


Filmed at STATTBAD Wedding. (
Berlin 2010


Special thanks to Ron Geipel and Steffen Baumgart at 908video, Dieter from Berlin Event and Simone Gilges


JEANS TEAM “TOTES KINO / COCKTAILSTÄNDER” On 12″ vinyl and for download in the ALKOMERZ SHOP. (